A Love Letter

By Natalie

Vacation is over. I know, it stinks. But we really can’t complain because we had the most beautiful time. I still have stories to tell on our adventures. But for now I have to say that on this trip I fell once again in love with Brandon. I like to believe that the greatest parts of marriage are those moments when you fall over and over in love with each other. I can’t believe we got to spend so much time together this past week. We’re absolutely smitten. Pardon us.


My dearest B,

Spending 10 straight days in your company has been perfect. We’ve had the opportunity to relax, and enjoy beautiful scenery together. We were granted the time to sleep in, and enjoy a Friday morning breakfast we’ll never forget looking out onto the streets of San Francisco. I couldn’t remember the last time I was able to savor my coffee, and listen to your heart. Your wonderful, loving heart. I can’t explain just how exciting it is to discuss our future together. I love listening to your dreams for us. I love encouraging your passions, and most of all I love being the one you have chosen to spend your life with. I will always support and love you. Because you have been an excellent leader in our home. I see how every step you have taken has been to better serve God, me, and to allow for a bright future. I’m honored to be Mrs. Brandon Taylor Poe. Take me, I’m yours. Thank you for being a man that I can trust when I knew none. Thank you for working so hard to treat us. Thank you for being mine. Thank you for being you.

I love you my B,


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