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Advent Calendar 2022

By Natalie

As you may know if you’ve been following along here for a while, every December I assemble an advent calendar for Felicity. This year’s calendar is full of activity sheets from The Box Full, along with a few fun craft kits I found in the Target dollar spot (my greatest weakness) and Michaels. I love seeing Felicity’s joy over this calendar and watching her crafting ability grow each year! (more…)

The Dollhouse

By Natalie

Last summer I found a few ideas to turn this ikea shelf into a dollhouse. After showing it to Brandon he was sure that he could build one himself. Since Ikea shipping was so delayed with everyone ordering work/school from home furniture I put my faith in Brandon and I’m so glad I did. The beautiful dollhouse that he built was our first collaborative project together and we’re rather proud of it! We were often spending our evenings side by side tinkering in a room to get it just right, all while Felicity was sound asleep. It was a great way to spend our evenings in. Felicity’s love for the dollhouse has made it all worth it and we hope that it can grow and change with her as she ages.


Christmas Favorites

By Natalie

You know I couldn’t let this season go by without some Christmas favorites! This year I’ve been into a variety of different Christmas music and I’ve incorporated more natural elements to our decor. I’m so happy with how it’s all turned out and am excited to share these favorites with you!

Aren’t Bingley and Zelda the sweetest in this photo with their stockings ♥ (more…)

Yes to the Mess

By Natalie

Thank you to everyone who reached out to express their love for our advent calendar. I’m blown away by all of the sweet words, my mama heart is full. I’m constantly reminded that this is a time to create memories with Felicity, a merry time indeed. Today I’m grateful for so many things including Brandon for putting Lici to bed so many nights, which allowed me time to prep all of this. Grateful to my mom for instilling a love for crafting in me. Even when she signed me up for a quilting class when I was 13. I at the time was so embarrassed, but I learned a thing or two about a sewing machine. I might be doing that same thing to Lici! I’m grateful to all of the crafters in my family who had the patience to teach me all I know about glitter, glue, yarn, thread, paper, needles, fabric, you name it! (more…)

DIY: Advent Calendar

By Natalie

Happy December 1st! I hope you have your Rudolph jammies on for this.

I decided that this year called for more Christmas cheer than usual. Our Lici has been so excited about baby Jesus in the manger and of course all of the animals that were in Bethlehem that night. She’s starry eyed over the Christmas trees, lights, reindeer, nutcrackers, snowmen, anything and everything Christmas. Last year we did the Trader Joes’s chocolate advent calendar with her which she loved! This year we got her the same since the girl LOVES chocolate and we also went ahead and grabbed Bingley the dog treat advent since we knew Lici would love giving Bingley a treat every time she got one. (more…)

Fall Sensory Bin

By Natalie

This is a little late to the season but here you have it. Felicity and I put together this fall sensory bin at the beginning of October. Full of both Halloween and fall items. I love a good sensory bin for my busy girl. She’s tactile and a problem solver so she loves having a new set of goodies to discover. It’s versatile fun! This kept her busy when she lost interest in making dog treats with me toward the end of baking. (more…)

Fall Favorites 2020

By Natalie

Get ready to cozy up, it’s time for some new fall favorites! Typically I suggest something to eat, something to smell, something to listen to plus something pretty or useful to you or around the home. That covers the majority of the senses perfect for getting into the season. Enjoy and please share your fall favorites with me! (more…)

A Handmade Halloween

By Natalie

Let me start off by saying that I cannot take full credit for these ideas! I was inspired by lots of Pinterest photos, which I’ve linked off to at the end of this post. I’ve never decorated for Halloween in the past, nothing more than a Jack o lantern. But this year I wanted to decorate Lici’s play corner in our family room. I went for classy spooky modern Halloween decor, sticking to a black, white and orange color scheme. Nothing scary, just animals and bugs, which she loves! Really this area is just a testament to how well I can copy Pinterest ideas. (more…)

4 Ingredient Dog Treats

By Natalie

Felicity and I made these super easy dog treats for Bingley and all of our doggie friends. She loves getting on her learning tower to help make smoothies or help pour ingredients for pancakes. My amazing baker friend Pam taught me to let Felicity crack an egg in a separate bowl and pick the shell out. She often hits it on the counter for a little crack and then squeezes it over the bowl until it bursts which is actually pretty fun to watch. Since then I’ve incorporated some mommy daughter baking mornings to our schedule. (more…)

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