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By Natalie

I went through my drafts recently and found some decent pieces that I never posted! I found this sweet post that I didn’t publish because I went into labor soon after. Loved rereading this with a smile on my face thinking about how quickly the time flew. This morning I watched that little girl put her big backpack on and walk into school.

Throwback to Five years ago… (more…)

Felicity’s Birth Story

By Natalie

I hadn’t brushed my teeth for 2 days. I thought about it as I laid in bed staring at my new baby daughter.
True life these past couple days have been full of love, tears and a whole mess of indescribable emotions.

Felicity Taylor Poe was born on July 3rd at 4:31pm. Delivered by our midwife Briana at Baby & Company. She came out wide eyed in a quiet room. (more…)

Life Lately

By Natalie

38 Weeks

39 Weeks

Hello 39 weeks. I thought it’d be forever until you got here. And hey! Thanks for letting me keep my ankles this summer. Our due date is tomorrow! Let’s see how long this little girl wants to stay cozied up in my womb. These last couple weeks have been dragging on as I’ve been settled in our home and awaiting this sweet baby girl. Sometimes I find myself sitting in front of her cradle imagining her in it. Or I’ll linger by her nursery admiring the cozy space we put together for her.

I don’t think there’s anything left to prep! Which seems to be good and bad since she could really be here any day or within the next couple weeks! There’s a Poe family get together here in Charlotte next week. No pressure. I’ll be twiddling my thumbs all week in anticipation just like the rest of you.

Here’s how we’ve kept busy lately.


Big Belly Days

By Natalie

We’re nearly there can you believe it? The third trimester has been treating me fairly well. We’re at 37 weeks and as prepared as I think we can be by this point.

How I’ve Been Feeling: Physically

I’m having a hard time being on my feet for too long especially outside in the heat. Sometimes I feel like I’ll just tip right over! I bought myself a pair of memory foam slippers a couple weeks ago which has been the greatest justice for my feet around the house. They’ll be going in the birth center bag. (more…)

Home Sweet Home

By Natalie

Hunting for a house this spring was as exciting as it was frustrating. I searched tirelessly sifting through photo after photo of houses in our area until they all blurred together. Offers were accepted on several houses that had been listed that same day. They were flying off this competitive market as quickly as they came on. Our realtor Lisa was kept busy adjusting our viewing schedule by the hour as homeowners accepted offers before we had a chance to see their home. Lisa was honest, quick on her feet, encouraging through the disappointments and excited for the potential we saw in our new home.  (more…)


By Natalie

Can you believe it? We’re 35 weeks pregnant tomorrow. Our little girl loves to squirm especially when she hears Brandon’s voice. She’s giving some strong punches and kicks making her presence known more each day.


From Here On

By Natalie

Now seems as good a time as any for a recap on the last couple months. I’m writing this at the birth center, where we will be welcoming our little girl, having my blood drawn four times over the course of 3 hours for a more conclusive glucose test. Luckily for me I get to pass this time in a more private lounge space on a comfortable couch surrounded by the sound of midwives clicking their sandals down the hallways.

This is what I’ve hoped for when deciding where we would give birth. A place that feels like home surrounded by encouraging women who’s job is to do nothing more than empower the mother I am becoming and create community amongst all us new parents. We’ve been educated here and had the opportunity to share our hopes and fears with others who are due around the same time that we are. It’s provided such comfort as we near the end of this pregnancy.



By Natalie

We revealed the gender of our little babe this past weekend by cutting into this gorgeous cake from Drip Cake Bar. She’s a girl!!! We’re overjoyed and eager for her giggles to fill our home. I feel such a connection with her now that I can call her by name.


First Trimester Recap

By Natalie

15 Weeks

We’ve officially made it to the second trimester.

I wouldn’t say that the first trimester took me by complete surprise. I expected to feel tired and nauseated. What I didn’t expect was the [Squeamish ears turn elsewhere because I’m giving the honest details here.] difficulty I had chewing and swallowing food without gagging. I did not expect how much my gag reflex would come into play with familiar smells like bacon, my spice cabinet and Bingley’s food. I underestimated how exhausting it would be to feel so sick for such a long stretch of time. The transition from the first trimester to the second has been a slow one. “You should be feeling better soon.” Is what everyone told me, but it hasn’t been an overnight change like I’d hoped. (more…)


By Natalie

IMG_0574We’re so excited to announce we’re expecting our long awaited dearest little one.

The past year has been extremely difficult for me to write anything meaningful or personal. My personal struggles had been consumed in trying to conceive our first child. I took a big step back from sharing things publicly because what now mattered to me was the support and closeness of family and friends. If it weren’t for their encouragement I wouldn’t have made it through with my head held as high nor would I have seen what God had in store for me during this waiting period. I learned the value of close relationships. Brandon and I became much closer than we already were, supporting one another when the other seemed to wonder what could possibly be the problem. (more…)