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Caring for a Spouse with Anxiety

By Natalie

In the spring of 2016 Brandon came home not himself. I was busy with something that day not quite paying attention to the worry he’d brought home with him. Like an extra backpack he carried a weight he attempted to describe to me. But as I said I was busy, flustered by my own agenda I brushed off his concern. I wish I could go back to the Natalie in that moment to place my hands on her shoulders and say, “Stop what you’re doing, he needs you right now.” I wish I could have told myself to look in his eyes to recognize the defeat he felt and held him in that moment to tell him it was all going to be ok. But like all regrets in life we can’t change our actions, we can only allow them to teach us to be present in every moment. You’ll never know how big of a deal some conversations can be.  (more…)

7 Books to Check Out at Your Library

By Natalie

With the vastness of stories around I like to refer to the library as the best place on earth. Within the memoirs, a favorite genre of mine, lie dozens of points of view. Reading about one’s life is the closest you can come to walking in their shoes. Something I think we should all practice if we ever hope to understand others. Within all other books resting on the nonfiction shelves, there’s such untapped potential. Knowledge beckoning right there at your fingertips. (more…)

Finding the Perfect Nanny

By Natalie

When looking for a nanny there’s a lot to consider. I’ve been asked countless times about the process of finding a nanny as well as what to look for in a nanny. As a former nanny to a handful of different families as well as being part of a community of other nannies I have quite a bit of experience to share. I hope you find my perspective helpful and can share this with anyone you may know who is searching for their dream nanny. (more…)

Book Lover’s Favorites

By Natalie

What do you expect? I’m a book worm! Here’s a list of some quality companions for your newest read.

  • Book PyramidFor the read in bed reader. Brandon impressively sewed me a book pyramid when we were dating. They’re great for resting your book and giving your hands a break. It’s my favorite book accessory, especially for heavy hardbacks!
  • Book LightFor the late night reader. I have one of these LED rechargeable book lights that clips right onto your book cover.
  • DIY BookmarkFor the creative reader. Don’t dog ear, be kind to your books and get a book mark.
  • CandleFor the cry at the end of the book reader. Sometimes it’s just nice to set a quiet ambiance for your reading. A candle is all you need.
  • GoodreadsFor everyone! Goodreads was a game changer in helping me meet my reading goals. Every year they start a new reading challenge. It’s major motivation to check off another book from my list. Here’s my current reading challenge for the year. Goodreads star rating seems to me to be one of the most accurate around. They’re great at recommending books within your favorite genres and keeping your reading lists organized.
  • Library CardFor the avid reader. I have my library card on my key chain because I go that often. Once or twice a week at least. If you don’t have a library card shame on you! Who doesn’t love free books? Go get one and find your closest branch.
  • AudibleFor the busy mom or the commuter. Audiobooks came in handy right after I had Felicity. It allowed me to get some reading in hands free.

Summer Favorites

By Natalie

How’s your summer? It’s hot and humid around here but none of us are protesting these beautiful rays of sunlight. Our favorite family activity this season has been the splash pad near us. Felicity loves running through the water, pinching her shoulder up to her cheek as a fountain of water gushes up unexpectedly beside her. (more…)

Spring Favorites

By Natalie

Happy Spring! We’ve been dusting off the pollen that’s been finding it’s way onto our outdoor furniture. We’re spending every day outside we can before the humidity hits because nature is proven to boost your mood. Aren’t you glad the sun is out?

Here’s a list of my Spring favorites! (more…)

10 Things to Say to Your New Mom Friend

By Natalie

As a new mom I received both positive and negative comments as per usual during a time like this. Even as a former nanny I simply had no idea just how involved motherhood and postpartum was until I was living it out for the very first time. I wanted to compile a list of positive things to say to your new mom friend for all those who are at a loss of how to help.  (more…)

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