Cozy Favorites

By Natalie

It’s favorites time!!

Putting together these favorites lists may be one of my favorites! I’m usually cataloging things throughout the year for new favorites posts in hopes that you love my finds as much as I do! Here we are again and it’s time to get cozy!

Wax Melts – I found these Autumn Walk wax melts at Michael’s and they’re perfectly scented for this season. I typically go sweet with my scents. I use them in our plug in wax warmer which you can find mentioned in Household Favorites. This one is the perfect combo of sweet and spice, making you feel like you’re taking a crisp stroll through the woods where pies are cooling outside of little cottage windows.

Cocoa – This is the second time I’m linking off to this recipe in my blog and I’m telling you it deserves it. I first shared it in last year’s Christmas Favorites post. If you haven’t made it yet this is your sign to try it out! I’m so grateful to my sister in law for sharing it with me.

Harvest Blend Tea – If you’re a tea drinker this Trader Joe’s seasonal tea was a Zoe favorite. I mean look at the ingredients; cinnamon, hibiscus, chamomile, apple. Yum! It tastes like fall in a cup. Add a touch of honey and you’re on your way to cozy town.

Heated Throw – There’s tons of these out there, especially this time of year. Brandon gifted me a heated blanket last Christmas and I love it so much. It feels like sitting in a pile of warm laundry straight from the dryer. It’s so comforting even on the lowest heat setting just to relax and get cozy. I gifted my sister one for her birthday this year.

Hoodie – I know that sweatshirts are the trend these days and I do have a few fave sweatshirts, but nothing beats feeling extra cozy like an oversized hoodie. I got this cropped hoodie from Target and it’s so soft.

Ambiance – You know I love a good ambiance video. Music always sets the tone. I’m not picky here, there’s literally loads of these ambient videos on youtube. I usually cycle between jazz coffee shop, rain, crackling fire, to library. The music really ties all of these faves together for snuggling up and thinking about what you’re grateful for this season.

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