A Morning in the Life

By Natalie

Lights on 6am

Leggings up, contacts in.

Morning Zoe, time for school.

Dark sky, red lights.

Backpack swung over her shoulder.

Have a great day to the kid that’s older.

Drive on, message a friend.

Garage open, coat on.

Grab the leash, Bingley’s excited.

Sky still dark, I spot a friend.

On we walk through the neighborhood.

Talk of life, endeavors and motherhood.

1 hour, 2.5 miles,

leaving each other with parting smiles.

Through the back door, pitter patter.

Little feet running to greet.

“Mama!!” The little one shouts.

Music on, husband in jammies.

House smells like pancakes, I am happy.

Get the girl dressed. Grab a coffee.

Off to pre-school with little Felicity.

Bright sky, red lights.

Carpool line, teachers waiting.

Have a great day to the kid that’s younger.

I have the sweetest mornings and this little poem has been rattling around in my head for some time. The other day Felicity nuzzled in my side. Pressing herself against all the squishy parts of me I spend too much time wishing weren’t there. She says, “Do you know that I love you mama? You are the best mama in the whole world.” Sitting there on the couch I let her words sink into my heart. I want to bottle these memories up and keep them with me always.

One fine evening I decided to run to the library while Brandon put Felicity in the bath. I asked Zoe if she wanted to join me but she was studying. “Night night.” I told Lici. “Te Amo.” I reached in the bath to receive a wet hug and kiss. “Te amo mama. Where are you going?”

“To the library.” I told her. Her face lit up, ready for new books to devour.

I ran downstairs to get my shoes on when I heard Zoe’s door open. “Natalie!” She called. “I’m coming with you, one minute.” I laughed. “I just have a little homework to finish, but I can finish when we get back. I’d rather go with you.”

She sat on the floor of the children’s section flipping through a book while I searched for new books for Lici. These moments, though seemingly mundane, can be the sweetest moments of life and I choose to cherish them fully.

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  1. Aunt Kathie
    November 4, 2022 at 10:29 pm (1 year ago)

    I love this Natalie! Life is filled with good!


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