Fathers + Daughters

By Natalie

IMG_6907IMG_6909Around here you’ll find alot of talk on marriage, and dog ownership. You’ll find what we’ve been up to lately, and the latest funny story, or diy project I’ve disciplined myself to create. But every now and then you’re going to see one of these posts. Because blossomed father daughter relationships just get me in the feels.

A few houses down from us there’s this little girl that runs outside in the morning with sleepy eyes, and footie pajamas. She has to run out there every morning to say goodbye to her dad when he leaves for work. Some days when I’m out I’ll even see her give him kisses when he comes home. What’s it like I’ve always wondered to see your dad walk through the door after a long work day and scoop you up into his arms? To smile at the life and home he shares with your sweet little face?


When we were in California we stayed with cousins for a few days. We were all getting dressed up for B’s grandparents 60th wedding anniversary party. B and I sat on the couch talking to his cousin Jordan waiting for each of the kiddos to run out into the living room ready to go. Selah ran out twirling her dress around with confidence only a child could have. Jordan looked down at his eldest daughter and stopped speaking mid sentence in order to admire her.

“You look beautiful Selah.” He said.

In which she blushingly responded, “Thank you daddy.”

Oh man. Four little words… It got me first right in the throat. Then it took my heart and squeezed it a bit. I have never heard such precious words exchanged between two people. He stopped what he was saying to look at his daughter and remind her of her beauty. It’s my life’s mission to scream from the rooftops to dads out there that this is the stuff fatherhood is made of. Encouraging your children in their creativity and imagination, and admiring the person they are becoming.

IMG_6911IMG_6912Recently I was reading a blog I follow Scissortail Silk, when I came across an older post Daddies Love Just as Much as Mommies. I’ve spent alot of time speaking to fathers about how important it is for them to love on their daughters, because they could never know how much of an impact they will make on their daughters lives. In addition to loving on their little girls I’ve stated how important it is to treat their wives with admiration, and respect for the children to see. I’ve also said alot about daughters being receptive to dads who are trying, and have been there for them. Those are all important to consider however I never thought about how wives need to also be encouraging to the father daughter relationship. And even the father son relationship as well. Daddies Love Just as Much as Mommies sums it up so perfectly I thought I would just share it with you, in case you’ve fallen short, and need a bit of encouragement.

Thanks Jordan, for being yet another dad that has been a part of healing my past through the beauty of your fatherhood. Keep lovin on your babies.


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