Advent Calendar 2023

By Natalie

Happy December 1st! How sweet are these pink bags? I ordered them for my vendor markets this season. When they arrived I thought they would be such an adorable upgrade to Felicity’s advent calendar. I set 25 of them aside and stamped the rest with my Lux logo. Luckily I printed the number cards on cardstock paper 2 years ago so they’ve been holding up over the years and I was able to easily transfer them to the pink bags. The calendar has gotten alot easier over time now that I have such a good base to work with.

If you’ve been following the blog for some time you know the drill! Each bag is filled with:

  • A scripture card
  • A wooden numbered village piece
  • A craft or activity

Felicity has her own Christmas box in the attic full of her room tree, ornaments, market stand Christmas shop pieces and apparently, since I had forgotten, some craft kits I found on clearance last year meant for this year’s advent calendar! This made things super easy! I had set several activity sheets aside, some new, some repeats, Christmas puzzles and the craft kits from Michael’s. The only new thing I bought this year was this adorable reindeer face mask to do during her break. We like having spa days together every now and then. Oh how I love having a little girl.

Each year I figured out how to adjust the calendar activities based on Felicity’s schedule. I’ll admit I had a little bit of a sad moment when I realized that we wouldn’t have as much time to do certain crafts on school days. This year I saved the time consuming activities for the weekends or during her winter break. We used to always schedule The Polar Express and Cocoa with Kristin (our fave Advent tradition) on a Friday morning but now we had to shift it to a Saturday.

As soon as Felicity saw the calendar go up in our entryway she was ready to open a bag. I love that I started this tradition with her so early and have it so well documented. It truly is a labor of love. I know that I’ll look back on these sweet memories fondly and I hope that she cherishes the quality time we spent together.

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