Felicity’s Top Likes & Dislikes

By Natalie

It’s been a little while since we’ve talked about what this little one has been up to.

She’s ready to steal the limelight.



We took the lightrail up to Hex coffee just for fun one Saturday and Felicity loved the ride! We definitely need to do this more often, hitting up our favorite spots along the rail trail.



I know there’s lots of opinions out there about kids and tv. Our stance for most things in life is everything in moderation. Tv is no different. Leaving the tv on all day whirs in our ears and we’re unable to communicate or hear our own thoughts. However there also seems to be no need to go without a little Sesame Street or Veggie Tales. I’m curious to see how this changes over the years as our kiddos get older and I hope that sometimes we can all practice some screen free weeks here and there throughout the year.

For right now Lici loves Sesame Street in the morning, Veggie Tales after lunch and movies for special cases. Those being travel, sick days, fussy teething days and rainy days. We spend most of our mornings out, or in at a playdate and Lici has grown to enjoy more activities at home and playing outside in the afternoon so I don’t feel guilty about a movie every now and then. I think that limitations on tv are a good thing and it can be used as learning time (depending on what you’re watching) as well as family bonding time! I can definitely see us having Friday pizza and movie nights in the future!

Currently Felicity’s all time favorite movie is Mulan. She also loves My Neighbor Totoro (pictured) along with Moana and oddly enough the newest animated Grinch movie.


Playing outside

The longer we live in our house the more I fall in love it. I love our big backyard, though we do have our hands full when those autumn winds come through. Felicity loves running up and down the hills in our yard, digging with her shovel, catching bubbles and playing soccer. She also enjoys running up to the fence to look for the neighbor boys! Now that the weather is cooler we’ve been playing outside nearly every afternoon. Her knees are often scraped up but that doesn’t stop this little adventurer. You wouldn’t believe the meltdowns that happen at our back door when it’s time to go inside.


Sweeping & Helping

Lici loves to help me put the utensils away. She pulls them out of the dishwasher and hands them to me to put them in the drawer. She also loves grabbing the broom out of the closet to sweep, pulling the clothes out of the dryer and placing them in the laundry basket. And my favorite so far, picking up Brandon’s socks wherever he’s left them around the house and handing them to him! I didn’t even teach her that one!! But I love her heart!


Climbing everything in sight

You name it, she can climb it. Dining chair, steps, toy shelf, coffee table. You may have noticed in the picture above, she’s standing on the coffee table watching her movie. She’s so determined, relentless we call her. Brandon peeked his head out of the chick-fil-a play place recently. “Umm she climbed all the way up the steps.. can she? Should I?” he said. “Go grab her!” I said. She very well may have managed to get down the slide on her own but more than likely we would have seen her careening down headfirst with some other kid close behind. Best play it safe at a place like that. Brandon mentioned that sometimes we forget she’s fifteen months. She always seems to be off running and acting like a 3 year old!


Sitting at the table

Felicity has a knack for getting out of seat buckles. A few months ago she was adamant that she would no longer sit still in her high chair. She would work her way out of her buckle and stand up. We tried another booster seat we had and she still wasn’t crazy about it. She finally seemed to be more content once we took the tray off of her high chair and pushed her up to the table with us. Such a big girl!

also… Snuggling stuffed animals and dolls is a favorite too.



This sweet girl has started to notice the sound of airplanes in the sky. I took her to the airport overlook to see the planes take off up close and she has never sat so still! Now every time she hears one she looks up to find it.


Sitting still

Sitting still is hard for this active little girl. Long car rides and eating out are proving to be difficult these days. Unfortunately our days of going out to eat as a family are numbered. If she’s not throwing crayons she’s just not happy and she’s never crazy about eating much off the kid’s menu. It’s not really the same experience anymore, hopefully it will be again someday or we can go when we catch her at the right time!


Wearing headbands and bows

Just not happening. I don’t even try anymore. I hope this comes back around!


Cutting new teeth

Felicity cut 4 new molars recently and goodness has it been hard on all of us! Her nap and nighttime sleep had been thrown for a loop but it seems like now she’s back on track, until the next ones come in that is.

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