New Beginnings

By Natalie

I’m officially no longer a nanny. Which makes me all sorts of emotional because that means I’m becoming a mother myself. Like many of the things in our lives we did not get here by accident. Nearly seven years ago Brandon promised me that one day I would live out my dream of staying home to raise our children.

At the time it was difficult to believe. Coming from a past of empty promises I was nervous about trusting his. Marriage takes a ton of trust and I was just beginning to practice it. Now I can tell you that he’s never made me a promise he couldn’t keep and while that may seem crazy it’s really not. Brandon is a logical guy if you don’t know him. He never made me a promise he couldn’t keep. As frustrated as that would make me sometimes when there was something I wanted I eventually learned that Brandon had our best interests and long term goals in mind all along. He made those tough decisions to say not right now which I now realize has been him leading us well all along. Seeing his promises come to fruition over the years has made it unbelievably easy to walk alongside him and trust him 100 percent.

I feel so overwhelmed by this time in our lives that we’ve prepared for. I feel incredibly blessed to have this time to rest, love on my husband in our final days as a family of two and to prepare for our daughter.

On my last day of work I came home to this beautiful bouquet of flowers. I told Brandon I didn’t feel like I deserved being rewarded for this moment. After all this is only a possibility because of how dedicated he has become to his career. His talent and his perserverence. To which he replied he would never be where he was today without such a supportive wife. Hold on let me go get my tissues…

To be in this marriage where we both feel like we’ve made eachother better people is what it’s all about. To be adored and appreciated by my husband who insists his accomplishments are largely influenced by my support is an unbelievable honor. It puts everything into perspective for me as his helpmate. [Genesis 2:18] To have this life I’ve always dreamed of all I really had to do was stick out some tough times, hard transitions and encourage my husband through his dreams. There were times when I had to pour into him because he didn’t believe in himself, times when I had to stand alongside him and hold his hand because the pressure became too much. Times where I had to tell him he was more than capable and deserving of chasing his wildest dreams and times where I totally messed up afraid it’d all come crashing down and put pressure on him myself. But in the end here we are. Both better through this sharpening process that is marriage.

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