Promises to Myself

By Natalie

Remember when we were kids? Remember when not everything was about expectations? Remember when being in each other’s presence was enough to put a smile on each other’s face. Remember when?


I wouldn’t trade puppy love for the love I have for you today. It’s a different kind of love. It’s something we’ve discussed, but I need it here for my records, you know. I need something to look back on.

You take care of me. I take care of you. Not 50/50, but 100/100. This love, it’s changed, as does a fine wine, or an aged cheese. It’s become sweeter. It’s become more comfortable. We’ve watched each other grow, we’ve been a part of one another’s youth. My love for you is more full of admiration, and gratefulness these days. My love for you has grown stronger. It’s been challenged, it’s been uphill, and from time to time I think that the younger version of my self may need to step in to remind me of a few basics. When you get into the hustle and bustle of life sometimes you just live alongside your spouse. Demanding this, and being ungrateful for that. It’s dishonorable. It’s wrong. And sometimes it gets the best of us, and we need a reminder. So, here are some promises to myself.

Less nit picking
More loving

Less disagreement
More understanding

Less nagging
More patience

Less annoyance
More admiration

Less irritability
More cuddles

Less of the same thing
More adventures

Less spoken goodbyes
More kisses goodbye

Less trying to figure it out on your own
More asking for help

Less wishing to be right
More apologies

Less I told you so’s
More being helpful

And All Around Continue to…

kiss goodnight

Write love letters
Find new ways to show love
Keep up with being healthy and feeling good about yourself
Show appreciation in all things

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