What Bingley Has Taught Me

By Natalie

Whoever said a dog couldn’t be a girl’s best friend?


I can tell you now that there is nothing like having a dog as a companion. Having Bingley means I’m never home alone. It means that sometimes when it’s just the two of us in the house and I feel the need to think aloud I’m not actually crazy because Bingley will listen. Having someone that depends on you does something to a person. Dogs think you’re awesome, always. No matter if you had a crummy day, or feel down and out. They’ll sit by you when you’re sad, and stare lovingly at you. Wishing to be more helpful, but all they know to do is scootch closer to you outstretching their paws. Truth is, that just having them around when we’re sad makes us feel a million times better.

On my day off when I need a break from house work Bingley leads me outside. He looks at me excitedly when I put his harness and leash on. “Really mama?! We’re going on a walk? You’re the best!” Then he parades around the neighborhood proudly showing off his owner. He takes a short nap when we get back, and when I need fresh air once more he gladly hops up to sit outside with me. Baby boy loves his backyard. If I thought he loved the snow he loves the spring even more. So many new scents popping up for his precious little nose to take in. He has taught me to stop for a moment to notice even the smallest bits of creation that pass through our backyard. He marvels at the birds chirping, he tries desperately to catch butterflies, and bumble bees, as he’s amazed at all their flying glory.

Owning a dog has proven to me that I’m not all so bad. If I’m anything like most people, I’m my own worst critic. If anyone were to put an end to me with their harsh words or thoughts it would be myself. If I’ve done something wrong I can’t let it go, and have the hardest time accepting forgiveness. Whenever I feel that way, and just wish to wallow in my misery silently beating myself up Bingley will lay next to me. He’ll look up with those puppy eyes thinking “You’re not all so bad mama. I love you.” And sometimes every now and then we all need to hear that. Even if it’s through the silent stares of our dog’s eyes.

People say don’t get too close to your dog. Your dog isn’t a human. You are not a mother. And yes, that’s true, but not bonding with your little pup is next to impossible. When something is dependant on you, and you watch it grow it’s impossible to not worry about them when they’re sick, or care for them with everything inside you. So this one’s for my Bingley bug, and all those dog owners out there who are brave enough to let a little wet nose into their heart..

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