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Of Sunshine & Good Writing

By Natalie

I went outside today to read for about an hour because it’s one of those lazy Sundays that the sun decides to grace us with its blinding presence so I figured I’d take advantage. I’ve recently finished a book, and I find that when I finish a book, I need to quickly jump on another because if not I won’t read for too long. And reading… it’s marvelous. There is nothing quite like the feeling of becoming completely entranced in a story, as all that’s around you begins to blur. For some reason I have an MO of not finishing books, and I really dislike that about myself. However, for some reason whenever I am reading a book that I can discuss with someone I am much more motivated to continue. Some of the best books I’ve read were the ones that my sister and I read alongside one another. And so, I thought why not start a small little book club. Because yes, I’m not your average twenty two year old, and I find excitement in the thought of a book club.

Graciously, some friends were equally excited as I was about the idea. So we kicked off our book club a few days ago, with a short and simple read. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. And I’m in love with it. I know, I know, you think I’m in love with alot of things, but I am. I love it when I find myself reading a sentence over and over again because I just can’t get enough of it. Each word dripping with symbolism, and creativity. I do love a good writer who captures my heart, and shares their story so eloquently.

photo (4)Having a perfect day to match a perfect read is beyond compare. I laid out in the backyard with my book basking in the sunlight with the rest of the day ahead of me to read on. Finally, I looked up from the pages of the book my mind still lingering on the last words of an exquisite sentence. Off to my left a certain little (Well not so little anymore) pup meandered his way over to me. Dogs always seem further than they actually are, and then all at once they just hit you with their tremendous weight, and drool. I was gifted with the sloppiest of puppy kisses I’ve ever known. I decided to finally step back inside as I was in need of wiping off said kiss much to Bingley’s confusion, and when I did step in from the cloud of heat I found that I had become a much browner version of myself. And B looked on in amazement.

I do so love when the weather is nice enough to read outside.. I do so love the way the sun chooses me to goldenly darken.. I do so love puppy kisses.. I do so love sharing my day with you..

My Bosom Friend

By Natalie

Let me tell you a little story. There is nothing quite like having a friend you can depend on. Most especially an old friend that you can sit for hours with reminiscing on silly memories, laughing until your side hurts, or one of you can’t breathe. My friendship with Chloe Keeler can be most closely compared to the friendship of Diana and AnneWith an ‘e’ of Green Gables. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you need to go watch Anne of Green Gables. If you can get past the goofiness you’ll find it to be a fabulous story about love, and friendship.

chloWe are the girls who stuck it out past the awkward stages of high school, and tried our best to write when Chlo went away to college. We are the silly girls who refer to each other with elizabethan style names because we do so wish to have lived in that time period. Our letters typically read as such:

Dearest Eliza,

Thanks for putting up with me.



For a friendship does not last without a bit of humor. Chloe is the one who I first told I had a crush on my now husband. She is the one who encourages me when I’m down, and sends me cards that say ‘tough cookie’ on them when such times come around. She is the one who left flowers on my doorstep when I was dreading the dentist. She is the one who listens to me quietly on the phone while I ramble and vent. She is the one who sends me cards on every holiday. She is the one who doubled as my hairstylist, and photographer at my wedding. She is the one who left flowers, tissues, and candy on my doorstep when we arrived home from our court case with Samson. She is the one who dragged me from the house when I was hopelessly upset over losing my dog. She is the one who gave multiple baskets of puppy products when we got Bingley, including a binder full of facts and tips which she went out of her way to compile.

friendWhen moments like those come along treasure them. There is nothing like having someone whom you could tell anything, and they won’t judge you, or leave you. When you go through something difficult and your friend is still by your side, that’s when you know it’s something to hold onto. It’s not about gifts, or fancy get togethers. A true friend is someone you can just sit with, and being in their company is more than enough. It is something that I’d wish for everyone to have, and I’m so very grateful to have it myself. I love you dear friend. Thanks for being you.


DIY: Not Your Average Door Wreath

By Natalie

When we bought our house I was anxious to decorate and organize our new space. It was something I had dreamt about from the second we made an offer. Once we were moved in and had put our furniture where it belonged it was time to tweak the smaller details. The holidays were coming up so I began searching for ideas on how to make my own front door wreath. I found a lot of pretty seasonal ones, but I figured if I’m going to spend the money to make it why not make one that I can keep up year round? Then the hubs might be a little more willing to give his blessing for the project.

I found that I liked the idea of using an empty frame instead of the typical circular wreath. I knew what I wanted to make, and how to do it, all I needed were some supplies and a shopping buddy. Luckily for me time spent with my beloved friend Chloe was well over due, so we set up a time to meet.

One thing you have to know about Chloe is that she is the best/most dangerous shopping buddy. She thinks everything looks good on you, and makes you think you are a million bucks. Every girl needs a friend like her. This is what I turn into when I go shopping with Chloe…

all the things

We decided to go to Hobby Lobby, where I found the perfect wooden frame. Then I grabbed some fabric triangles to turn into bunting for the top of the frame. I thought I was done when I chose mini clothespins to attach the fabric triangles to a string. However since I was with the best shopping buddy in the world, she assured me that adding a few fabric flowers would surely complete the piece. A little hot glue and a staple gun is all I needed to finish this sweet touch to our home.

photo copy

Oh and a handsome handy man of the house to hang it straight of course.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

By Natalie

nationals 3What’s one thing that you can only ever experience once? Something that you can’t go back and change. Everything in that moment captured in time. A first. They are my very favorite. Nothing else can compare a first. Your first steps, your first words, your first kiss, your first love, your first house, your first pet, your first car. Everything in our lives had a first. They’re full of expectation, thrill, and curiosity, what’s not to love! Ok you got me, there is the occasional first that is full of dread.  Like your first… things that have to do with puberty…, public presentation, job. Blech, those were no fun! But I like talking about the thrilling kind. Those moments that are etched in our minds for good.

This is a silly kind of first to talk about because it was just a baseball game. One random Sunday the Young’s asked us if we wanted to tag along to a ball game where they could watch their beloved Braves crush our Nationals. On a whim we figured sure, why not? The tickets were very affordable, I had never been before, and we were in need of a spontaneous outing.

nationalsI had a blast! I so was not expecting much from the little trip and I was surprised at what a good time we had. When the 7th inning stretch came around I may or may not have belted out Take Me Out to the Ball Game with exuberance I didn’t even know I had. Baseball is definitely a sport to be enjoyed live. It was so perfect to sit out in the night air. Looking into that large open field, chomping on our massive bag of peanuts as we cheered. I found that there is something about eating peanuts that makes you feel entitled. Tossing aside the shells as if you are too good to worry about trash. It was all part of the experience. I mean come on, you can’t go to a baseball game and not have peanuts or cracker jacks right?

nationals 2If you have never been, GO! I’m not even a sports fan and I loved it. Open your senses! There are so many firsts out there waiting to be experienced, don’t let them pass you by!


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