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Minestrone Soup

By Natalie

I’m a huge fan of one dish meals, which makes soup one of my favorite easy go to dinners. I just so happen to be making this soup tonight, as it’s an excellent soup to have on a rainy day with a sick hubby.


  •  1 can Great Northern Beans
  • 2 tbsp Olive Oil
  • 3 Carrots (peeled & chopped)
  • 3 Celery Stalks (chopped)
  • 1 Onion (finely chopped)
  • 2 oz Bacon
  • 3-4 Large Potatoes
  • 1 Garlic Clove (minced)
  • 1 can Diced Tomatoes
  • 3.5 cups Chicken Broth
  • 1 cup Water
  • Fresh Pesto



Serves 6-8

Heat oil over medium heat in pot. Add carrots, celery, onion, and bacon. Cook for 10min or until onions begin to brown, stirring occasionally. Add potatoes and garlic (Zucchini, Cabbage; optional) stir. Add chicken broth, tomatoes with their juice, and 1 cup of water; heat to boiling over high heat. Reduce heat to low; Cover and simmer 30min or until veggies are tender.

Meanwhile prepare pesto. My pesto recipe is here.

Blend 1/2c beans with 1c of soup until pureed. Stir salt, bean puree, & remaining beans into soup. Heat to boiling. Reduce heat to low; cover & simmer 10min. Garnish with dollops of pesto. This soup pairs well with fresh bread. If you’re feeling up for it this is the recipe I use.

Bon apétit!

DIY: Not Your Average Door Wreath

By Natalie

When we bought our house I was anxious to decorate and organize our new space. It was something I had dreamt about from the second we made an offer. Once we were moved in and had put our furniture where it belonged it was time to tweak the smaller details. The holidays were coming up so I began searching for ideas on how to make my own front door wreath. I found a lot of pretty seasonal ones, but I figured if I’m going to spend the money to make it why not make one that I can keep up year round? Then the hubs might be a little more willing to give his blessing for the project.

I found that I liked the idea of using an empty frame instead of the typical circular wreath. I knew what I wanted to make, and how to do it, all I needed were some supplies and a shopping buddy. Luckily for me time spent with my beloved friend Chloe was well over due, so we set up a time to meet.

One thing you have to know about Chloe is that she is the best/most dangerous shopping buddy. She thinks everything looks good on you, and makes you think you are a million bucks. Every girl needs a friend like her. This is what I turn into when I go shopping with Chloe…

all the things

We decided to go to Hobby Lobby, where I found the perfect wooden frame. Then I grabbed some fabric triangles to turn into bunting for the top of the frame. I thought I was done when I chose mini clothespins to attach the fabric triangles to a string. However since I was with the best shopping buddy in the world, she assured me that adding a few fabric flowers would surely complete the piece. A little hot glue and a staple gun is all I needed to finish this sweet touch to our home.

photo copy

Oh and a handsome handy man of the house to hang it straight of course.

Homemade Pesto

By Natalie

photoI came across a recipe in one of my cookbooks for Minestrone Soup a while ago that seemed perfect for the rainy cold day that it was. It’s an easy soup to make, and it’s very satisfying. The recipe called for pesto, and it didn’t seem to big of a task to take on, so I tried it. The recipe is very simple, only calling for a few ingredients that are most likely sitting in your kitchen this very moment, waiting to be used.


  • 2/3c packed fresh basil leaves
  • 1/4c grated parmesan
  • 1/4c olive oil
  • 1tbsp water
  • 1tsp salt

All you have to do is blend  all of your ingredients together until smooth. I used a Ninja which I would highly recommend. The smaller piece worked perfectly for the pesto. I’m sure a magic bullet or small food processor would work just as well. That’s it! Easier than you imagined right? If you plan on making extra, it stores well in the fridge. The only trick is to put a generous amount of olive oil at the top of your jar to keep it fresh. Try it in soup, with pasta, or on bread. Bon appétit!

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